Bridal Makeup Apps That Every Bride Should Know

Bridal Makeup Apps That Every Bride Should Know

As the wedding day gets closer, the need for bridal makeup apps becomes very important for everyone. You can always ask your makeup artist to give you a makeup trial before the wedding, but you obviously can’t get 2-3 bridal makeup trials. 

Isn’t it? 

But, with technology taking part in our day to day lives, things have become simpler and easier. Just like you can enquire your wedding vendors through our website, 

These bridal makeup apps will help you to try different bridal looks. With these handy bridal makeup apps, you can experiment with different shades of lipsticks, eyeshadow, and blush on without actually applying on your face. Bridal makeup apps will help you decide which look would look better; the one with smokey eyes or one with subtle eyes? Unlike bridal makeup artists, these apps can help you take multiple makeup trials and that too free of cost.  All you need is a smartphone and these apps on your phone and you are good to go.

1. You Cam Makeup Magic

Who thought digital makeover would become a thing. But, with beauty apps for weddings like You Cam Makeup Magic, you can try different looks for your wedding in the comforts of your home. You can do that not just by trying different cosmetics on your face, but by trying out different eyebrow styles for your face. This is something new, don’t you wanna try it out? Also, it will help you analyze your skin and help you with tips on how to improve it. So, this app not only works as your personal stylist but your dermat as well. Who doesn’t want a handy dermat like this? You can download it on Android and IOS too.


2. Perfect 365 One-Tap Makeover

Who doesn’t need a makeup stylist around? And, when it comes to brides-to-be, they need them the most. Trying out different lipstick shades, eye shadows and makeup looks is all you need to before your big day look. You can also click pictures of your makeup looks and later show it your bridal makeup artist for a similar kind of look for your wedding. How about that? That way you won’t have to experiment with makeup on your face. It happens virtually with ease. This bridal makeup app will also help you with daily makeup and fashion tips. You can download this app on both Android and IOS.


3. Oriflame Makeup Wizard

This bridal makeup app is designed by Oriflame cosmetics. Oriflame is one of the world’s fastest-growing cosmetic brands. Their mobile application lets you try virtual makeup on your face.  Pick your favorite shade of eye-shadow, lipstick, kajal, eyeliner and get your looks approved by your friends in just one click. The best part about this bridal makeup app is if you like a particular shade, you can buy it from the website. This way you can pick shades that would look amazing with your outfits and you won’t have to get numerous makeup trials. You can find this app on both Android and IOS.


4. Lakme Makeup Pro

A brand that is everyone’s favorite has a makeup app where you can not only try their products free of cost but, experiment with different looks every day. Who wouldn’t want this? The Lakme Makeup Pro app is perfect for every bride who cannot take the risk of going wrong with her bridal makeup. This app helps you pick just the right kind of base that would suit your skin tone. Yes! This is an app for all skin types. It will help you pick the right products that will suit your skin tone flawlessly. They have Pro-stylist looks as well which is recommended by Lakme experts. You can try out 100 cosmetic shades and 75+ pro stylists look all free of cost. Download it on either Android or IOS.


  • 09-10-2019


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Bridal Makeup Apps That Every Bride Should Know

As the wedding day gets closer, the need for bridal makeup apps...